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FREE Strategy Session

Free 30 min. strategy session

Please schedule a time that works best for you – it’s fast and easy. This is a free 30 Minute Strategy call. This is NOT a webinar- You are signing up for a live session.

Mind Rewire Tune Up

For past clients only

A tune up is an hour paid session to work on whatever you need to.

Please follow the instructions to schedule time with me – After you book you will be directed to PayPal for payment options. Then you will be redirected to a form for our session.

Mind Rewire University

8 Module Course

Learn how to rewire your mind. Mind Rewire brings you tools for subconscious change that are quick, effective and lasting. Believe it or not, you come equipped with everything you need for change already on board. You just need to learn how to use it.

The Mind Rewire Basic Course helps you direct change from the level of the subconscious mind, not the conscious one.

Life Sweep

One time – Re-set. Work on a couple major subjects.

Basic overhaul to aid in stopping subconscious stress.

You get pre-session homework to get us moving faster. We release major issues, desynchronize negative energy from life’s circumstances, and seed in what you want to see instead. Basically teaching your cells a new way to feel. This is a one-time single appointment. Can take 2 hours.

My Books

I am proud to announce the release of my first two books — BOTH Amazon #1 Best Sellers in multiple categories!

Read what some of my clients have to say…

The work I have done with Christy has allowed me to function in this world. I have been able to use the tools daily that I learned with her. I feel like they have allowed me to grow and learn more about myself. Because of this I can now take ownership of my life!
I had made more progress and permanent changes in just a few short sessions compared to the 15 years of work I had put in previously. I no longer saw my reoccurring issues/problems as impossible hurdles. They literally melted away and no longer exist thanks to the methods and corrections that Mind Rewire provides. Christy was amazing to work with and a much-needed miracle in my life!
We had our initial session and my mind was blown!. Christy told me to go out in the world the next day and to just observe, so that’s what I did. I found that I was transformed and that the world was responding to me in completely different ways. I felt more powerful and happier than I have ever felt in my life

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