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My work

A peek into how I work

In my coaching and healers journey I’ve only recently stopped thinking that I’m crazy or making stuff up, I see, I hear, I know…
and now I have gotten comfortable with this aspect of my beingness.
Strong intuitive abilities run in my family, and had been set aside for many reasons.
But in realizing that I decided to pick them back up and play in the energy of who I am.
Intuitive abilities are normal. Gifting’s are birth rights. Understanding yours and taking authority of it will change who you are.
Our senses, like seeing with our eyes and hearing with our ears, are the way we gather and understand the information of the world. Its the ability of the organs to transduce information and give you an understanding. In those understandings you know things.
Well, we have internal organs that do the same thing. But like my family’s gifts- the ability got turned off, or lost- in my case- walked away from…. these organs have in a sense fallen asleep or been shut off. They are not functioning to their fullest potential for your human or spiritual experience.
But, they can be woke up and taught how to function. Like a gentle nudge or reminder.
When I work with people I check in and listen for whatever that persons spirit thinks is most relevant. What needs to be addressed, then I listen For God, or the voice of the Divine to address and point out and tell me things. To show me paths.
I listen to the symptoms and then I am able to draw parallels through them and follow the energy to the real issues.
We will talk to ancestors, and look into potential past life issues, but the goal is always the same
to find the root issues to resolve the presenting symptoms.

My Gifts and Talents

I can see blueprints and information in the blueprint

I can see blueprints and information in the blueprint and I am able to extract or help the person alter the issue from here.
I connect people to their Guides, or spirits, and help them tangibly feel the presences.
I have even connected parents guides to the guides of their children for the highest good for each party involved.
My mission is simply to aid healing, to guide and point out corrections.
I have been told by profits and people who talk to the Divine that I was handed the staff of justice and a crown of truth. When I work with people God speaks through me. I hear and will also speak with your guides, and will allow that information to flow freely when able.
The goal is healing, sometimes the information is hard to take, most times it is things the person already knew but could not act on.
It is the thing you may need to hear most…
We will release trapped emotions and relieve the system. Then I will help you create a new way to feel. we will implant it into the subconscious and learn how to expect that new higher level feeling.
This is important because the chemical, hormonal expression of the body has spiritual application. The physical body expression of emotions cause an overlap in the spiritual world.
There isn’t and end to the story, it is a continuation.  And you want to continue in a higher vibration!

This is NOT traditional therapy.

We are looking for blocks and removing them, now.
The emotions from the past that lock in pain, illness, confusion, frustration, keep you from love and the prosperity of life.

GONE-what would that feel like?

You can feel better now-no therapy, drugs or hastle of driving to an office…

Mind Rewire University

8 Module Course

Learn how to rewire your mind. Mind Rewire brings you tools for subconscious change that are quick, effective and lasting. Believe it or not, you come equipped with everything you need for change already on board. You just need to learn how to use it.

The Mind Rewire Basic Course helps you direct change from the level of the subconscious mind, not the conscious one.

ACTIVATE Your Pineal Gland

Here’s What You’ll Learn

By taking this course today, you’ll get the complete understanding how the pineal gland works, what is its function and how to activate it and then how to use it for personal growth. It’s the first of its kind that gives you the full blueprint in a short, concise, easy to follow online course… so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you’ll find success.

My Books

I am proud to announce the release of my first two books — BOTH Amazon #1 Best Sellers in multiple categories!

Read what some of my clients have to say…

The work I have done with Christy has allowed me to function in this world. I have been able to use the tools daily that I learned with her. I feel like they have allowed me to grow and learn more about myself. Because of this I can now take ownership of my life!
I had made more progress and permanent changes in just a few short sessions compared to the 15 years of work I had put in previously. I no longer saw my reoccurring issues/problems as impossible hurdles. They literally melted away and no longer exist thanks to the methods and corrections that Mind Rewire provides. Christy was amazing to work with and a much-needed miracle in my life!
We had our initial session and my mind was blown!. Christy told me to go out in the world the next day and to just observe, so that’s what I did. I found that I was transformed and that the world was responding to me in completely different ways. I felt more powerful and happier than I have ever felt in my life