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Free 15 Min. Strategy Session

By signing up for this session you will talk to Christy Personally to see if mindrewire is a good fit for you. We will discover together if we are a good fit to work together and learn how heart coherence can make everything else you already do even better.

Learn what MindRewire is all about. Find out how activating the technology of your system will allow not only subconscious change, so you can finaly release the past but also give your freedom to express your true self. Raise your intuition and level of consciousness and find the true you that changes everything

This is a free 15 min. strategy session to find out if Mindrewire is what you need to finally change the limitations you have struggled with, And learn about Heart Coherence.

50 Min. Strategy Session

By signing up for this session you will talk to Christy personally to find out if Beyond Heart Coherence is right for you.. In a heart coherent state Information comes easily. The goal is to get Coherent so you can, clear the subcoscious issues, negative thought and beilfs that harm your journey. Christy has been given an ability to here from The Higher-Self of the person she is working with… She is able to lead people to there highere self. In order to sign up for this session you will aske dto fill out a questionair. Then book your time. Its that easy! I will help you get into a heart coherent state gain clarity and get in touch with your higher self! Here is the link – or click picture or green button below.

Mind Rewire Micro Dose Course Selections

Learn Heart Coherence,Brain Coherence and activate your Pineal gland and much more.

Learn About Heart Coherence


Including Heart Coherence and Whole Brain State Training.

These are quick easy to integrate, easy to participate, and fun tofollow along seminar style courses.

We learn, we do. They are priced so anyone interested can get in and use them to enhance the enlightenment journey.

Each Micro Dose course serves a different purpose.

If you have never worked with me before start with the Rapid transformation method of a Whole Brain State. Then move into Learn Heart Coherence and add the Activate your Pineal Gland understanding anywhere in here that you want. Do not do the deep subconscious programming until you have at least understood and practiced the Heart Coherence Course -

 If You want rapid transformation.

Easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to use. Learn how to use a Whole Brain State- (the same basic physiology used in PSYCH-K, EMDR, and By Brain Gym) Learn how to use a Whole Brain State to stop subconscious stress and reprogram limited thinking to aid your growth and progression so you can create the life of your dreams.

Then Learn how to use Heart Coherence to stop subconscious stress on a deeper level. Engage with your spirit to become a whole, holly and more complete version of you. While seeding positive thoughts and ideas into your mind the higher vibrations of the emotuons of the heart carry manifestation to a new level. This Seminar will teach you the basics of a Heart Coherence. And then move into deeper level of Coherence using The Ladder Of Awarness where we bring your brain, heart, and gut into alignment. You get more intuitive, more energetic, syncronisities become a way of life, and things start manifesting easily.

Then, crank it up a notch by understanding your and Activating Pineal Gland. This is a gentle way of activating and opening to gain access to the more mystic side of your nature. The pineal gland is a direct connector to the matrix, the universe and creator. Once you've gotten this far you may notice there are still some things stuck and hung up in your system. Have you ever wondered where this all comes from? When you realize the program goes way beyond your parents and family ties you will start to understand that there is more in operation here than we have been led to believe. In fact, you have been led to not believe it, to call it a conspiracy- and so with MindRewire we set out to release the programmed part of you. The part programmed from day one by things like “The Establishment”, big Pharma, Religious organizations, and government agendas. When you are ready dive into to this in-depth Micro Dose on unplugging the program with Deep Subconscious Deprogramming.

Learn about Heart Coherence. Learn about how to get into a Whole Brain State. Learn how to Rewire Your Mind. MindRewire brings you tools for subconscious change that are quick, effective and lasting. Believe it or not, you come equipped with everything you need for change already on board. You just need to learn how to use it.  You easily can direct change from the level of the subconscious mind.

How To Use A Whole Brain State

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete understanding of how to get your brain in a whole state and how to easily use this whole brain state to solve and stop - subconscious stress, negative thoughts, low vibration feelings and traumas from the past that come back to haunt you.

Learn what a whole brain state can do for you -  how to activate it and  how to use it for personal growth.

This is a  first of its kind basic course that gives you the full blueprint in a short, concise, easy to follow online course... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you can  find success.

ACTIVATE Your Pineal Gland

Maximize your spiritual practice by activating your pineal gland. Discover the unorthodox mind opening reality of the activated Pineal Gland. The tiny rice-sized gland that can open up the universe is right inside your head!

You already have one- It just needs to be used. this gland is talked about in ancient texts, pictures and hieroglyphics are drawn of it in ancient ruins- God put this Gland in your brain for a reason- why do modern western Biblical studies never mention it? Why is it not talked about in the context of mental disorders and issues when it produces Serration and melatonin? Science has caught up with what ancient people already knew and now you can know to- Turn on the mechanism that will rocket your spiritual practice into the universe.

Are you trying to learn to hear from God or see the realm beyond- With an active pineal gland and a clear way to move yourself into that space it becomes easy and the supernatural can become a daily practice instead of a once in a while occurrence.

Heart Coherence and Ladder of Awareness

Learn Heart Coherence

Self-Regulation is the key to mastery. We have the capacity to rewire our brains on demand as we will. When the system is turned on and awareness of how it works, even on the most simplistic level is applied- great results are obtained. Nothing we do to clear the subconscious needs to be as hard as we have made it.

None of it needs to be hard at all!!!

The expansion of your own consciousness will start to change you easily in ways that can astound you! To be in heart coherence means many things. One of the best is that in your heart you can easily engage in the trueness of the energy and spirit of who you are. And that engagement is an instant way to expand your consciousness.

Deep Subconscious Deprogramming

Change the programming from the worldwide manipulation machines. Reprogram Deep Subconscious Programming From Sources of Media, (TV, Music, Movies). Big Pharma and Western Medicine Thinking. And Government and Religious Organizations. True freedom begins when your subconscious program is by your design!

What are you programmed with? Who are you programmed by?

Most people think the programming of their past comes from their parents. and we are fine to think that and work at it from that state of understanding. BUT... There is more programming that goes on; that you may or may not be aware of. This programming is from Media, government organization, religious institutions, big pharma and the western medical paradigm and others places that feed you information and programmed you to be who you are. All the while you are lead to believe that you have freedom and you can create your world, decide and design your life based on what you think are your truths.

Beyond Heart Coherence 8 Week Series

2020 has been the craziest year in history. From pandemics, lock downs, shut downs and fear to riots and all of the crazy things that have gone on leading us to believe things that may or may not be... to the fear and frustration watching the mayhem ensuing going into the upcoming elections. There was reason to duck and hide but for some it gave great opportunity to change and rewire your own patterns.

In this 8 week online seminar style course you will learn how to change: EVERYTHING

 ✅ Subconscious rewiring so that you can finally feel great, think clearly and gain clarity on what you want in life.

 Learn Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence activation's.

  The seminar follows MindRewire's Beyond Heart Coherence teachings, which are a unique system to achieve subconscious change, reprogramming and rewire your system to thoughts and beliefs that work for you , and train them into your system so that you naturally default to those feelings. So you can get to your Spirit easily and be the person you are ment to be.

 "It is the most rigorous training of its kind"

 ✅ Bonus #1 Weekly group coaching calls to make sure you understand and have all of your questions answered.

Sherry Sorenson We’re deconstructing the constructs!

✅ Bonus #2  A n 8 daily plan to release the past, gain higher intuition and greater levels of manifestation, and gain clarity and focus.

✅ Bonus #3 1 Free full length session with Christy to work on whatever you want to work on.

Ben Inyang  Hogwartz has nothing on mindrewire

✅ Bonus #4 Email access to me for private questions and help.

I’m looking for people how are ready to change now... on the deepest level possible- and want to learn how to do the work for themselves. People who I can work with closely over the next 12 weeks to get them incredible results.

MY WORK and Learning Heart Coherence

A peek into how I work and into in my coaching and healers journey and how heart coherence became a incvaluable part.

I've only recently stopped thinking that I'm crazy or making stuff up. I see, I hear, I know... and now I have gotten comfortable with this aspect of my beingness. Strong intuitive abilities run in my family, but had been set aside for many reasons.

In realizing that I decided to pick them back up and play in the energy of who I really am.

Intuitive abilities are normal. Gifting's are birth rights. The power that runs within you is who you are not something you do. Understanding your power, knowing your Spirit,  and taking authority of it will change who you are. Knowing how to get into the heart and training myself to stay coherent made it all easir and sustainable.

Our senses, like seeing with our eyes and hearing with our ears, are the way we gather and understand the information of the world. Its the ability of the organs to transduce information and give you an understanding. In those understandings you know things about yourself and the world around you.

Well, we have internal organs that do the same thing.

But like my family's gifts- the ability got turned off, or lost- in my case- walked away from.... these organs have in a sense fallen asleep or been shut off. They are not functioning to their fullest potential for your human or spiritual experience.

But, they can be woken up and taught how to function. Like a gentle nudge or reminder.

When I work with people the topic of the subconscious comes up first. We hear that our problem is an issue of the subconscious and what we are programmed with. I get lists from people of things they have tried, that didn't work or only worked for a short time and they don't understand why.

What if I told you that most protocols are missing something? And that something is THE key ingredient to get to the place you are wanting the most. This key ingredient is the deepest part of you - Your higher being, the god part- the higher self or whatever you call it. Most people are missing this connection.

To have this connection is a key to everything else and this connection will make any protocol that works something work all of the time... Hard to believe?? I know that’s why most protocols leave it alone. It’s hard to convince someone in this day and age- that the spirit inside of them is more than what they have been told.


I listen to issues, problems, beliefs that you are struggling with and then I take you to meet the deepest part of yourself- you have to feel it to know it. It is the energy part of you - the Spirit part- some call it the soul-. either way you have to know this part of you. It makes life better and everything easier as you see from a new perception, a, higher plain of being and higher vibrations. We start to reset the system by talking to the inner child at conception and I guide you to feel and energy that is present there to make you aware of your awarness.

To aid resolution by listening to the symptoms and then I am able to draw parallels through them and follow the energy to the real issues. We will talk to ancestors, and look into potential past life issues, but the goal is always the same...

Find the root issues to resolve the presenting symptoms by engaging with your spirit.


I can see blueprints and information in the blueprint

I can see blueprints and information in the blueprint and I am able to extract or help the person alter the issue from here. I connect people to their Guides, or more importantly their own spirit, and help them tangibly feel the presence, of the internal eternal part of them.
Your spirit hold the keys to all of it.
My mission is simply to aid healing, to guide and point out corrections.
I have been told by profits and people who talk to the Divine that I was handed the staff of justice and a crown of truth. When I work with people God speaks through me. I hear and will also speak with your guides, and will allow that information to flow freely when able.
The goal is healingbut sometimes the information is hard to take, most times it is things the person already knew but could not act onIt is the thing you may need to hear most...
We will release trapped emotions by raing vibrations. We relieve the system with breath. I will help you create a new way to feel. We will implant it into the subconscious and learn how to expect that new higher level feeling. It has to be more than a practice- It has to be every moment, every step you take.
This is important because the chemical, hormonal expression of the body has spiritual application.
The physical body expression of emotions cause an overlap in the spiritual world.
There isn't and end to the story, it is a continuation. And you want to continue in a higher vibration!

My Books

I am proud to announce the release of my first two books — BOTH Amazon #1 Best Sellers in multiple categories!

Read what some of my clients have to say...

The work I have done with Christy has allowed me to function in this world. I have been able to use the tools daily that I learned with her. I feel like they have allowed me to grow and learn more about myself. Because of this I can now take ownership of my life!

I had made more progress and permanent changes in just a few short sessions compared to the 15 years of work I had put in previously. I no longer saw my reoccurring issues/problems as impossible hurdles. They literally melted away and no longer exist thanks to the methods and corrections that Mind Rewire provides. Christy was amazing to work with and a much-needed miracle in my life!

We had our initial session and my mind was blown!. Christy told me to go out in the world the next day and to just observe, so that’s what I did. I found that I was transformed and that the world was responding to me in completely different ways. I felt more powerful and happier than I have ever felt in my life