Yelling- Why It’s No Good.

From spanking to yelling.

From a young age, we humans have triggered each other into fight and flight. To live in effects of cortisol and adrenaline, generation to generation, to the point that for some it’s like a family heritage to be in fear, have anger tendencies or not enjoy life.
One way the fight and flight switch gets locked in on mode is because of the ones who are our protectors getting in our face and yelling in angry tones, with their own lower level chemicals flowing, about something you either didn’t understand fully or at all. Leaving you confused, afraid and now dripping in your own neurochemicals of cortisol and adrenaline.

Your anxiety and heightened state of emotion will not allow you to relax or enjoy your life, even as an adult…

Good job humans, why can’t we just love one another??
We were not trained to…

It can Change! That’s the good news!
It not even hard… that’s even better news…
Mind Rewire shows you how…

Hearts Broken
I worked with a young lady the other day that came up with a memory from her childhood about her father screaming at her that he wished she was dead and then yelling at her about her crying as he killed her pet and made her hold it on a 4-hour drive home. She is in constant anguish, deep inside her soul- she feels it- she says its hard to describe- Wasn’t sure where it was from… But I can only imagine the amount of constant stress a subconscious scene like that leaves in the body of a person.

We resolved this memory to peace. Her new goal is to be in peace. Her new feeling is Peace.

She is always a happy person, optimistic, hopefully, on the outside, to the point one might be annoyed actually- but the underlying stress of a crazy childhood keeps her walking in circles… and internally, she is in turmoil.

Hearts Healing

After working to getting she reported feeling “Soooo good!” emphasis on the d at the end of good.
‘I can’t wait to hear from her to see how she is doing- in a few weeks. She was excited and ready to go move forward and be in her new skin-

The damage of a heightened state of emotion plus a loud, angry voice of a person we know as our protection, and helper- can be like devastation. You may not truly feel the full ramification it until you are an adult.

Do you want new a day- even a new skin, a new attitude.. Without the stress of your past, what could that look like,
What would that FEEL like???

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You do not have to live under a load of stress.
ESPECIALLY stress from your childhood.


Yelling at Kids

Yelling at kids has serious consequences.

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