What is the goal of life?

Is the Goal Of Life to practice life to get things you want? The external things that we were all taught would fill us up and make us feel better. Make us smarter, or make us better people.

And so we strive and strive to get the and we prepare to be successful and to gain grown, and we watch our lives as nothing changes.

So, this goal has not worked. But it is still the goal of most people.

So, what is the goal of life?

From many teachings, you will here different ideas.

The goal is heaven, nirvana, or a peaceful resting place. The goal is to unite consciousness, the goal is to be with God, and the goal is freedom.

I think there is a distinction to be made. Is the goal you are striving for, the things this life produces or to better yourself in more spiritual and soul level aspects? Is the better to upgrade and be created by the things of this life or to be created by the work you do to better who you are?

When I work with people I ask them if they could have anything what would they want- the answer always comes back to freedom, it feels like freedom.

Could the goal of this life be to find freedom?

Could the goal of this life be to find freedom? To make corrections necessary to bring you to a place where you are no longer attached to the worldly representation of what your life has become.

You are a soul, an eternal being, here to do what, be what, and the biggest question is Why???

To be free is not to be free of someone, or something- but to become free of your own compulsions and reactions- to become free from anger-, guilt, and sadness and free from fear. Basically, to be free from yourself you must become free from everything that troubles you as a human being. We lift each other up as we become free.

And if we do not, we keep each other, as a conscious whole in the same positions humanity struggles to get out of all the time.

Freedom is the Goal!

If freedom is the goal, each one separately getting to their own freedom is necessary. As individuals, it will alter the course of this life. As a conscious whole, you will alter the course of humanity.

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