What do your cells know? The body sometimes remembers more than the brain- and sometimes they know things differently. your brain stores information and so do your cells… I think the fights and struggles people get into with themselves- some call it self-sabotage, is when the brain gives out one bit of information and the body gives out something else-

The information in your cells come from the feeling and emotion you had at the time of an issue or event.

You may have retrained your brain but your cells still have the old information.

That’s called out of alignment.

What do you tell yourself? The self-talk comes from a home you may not remember- a place that left a mark- It’s from your past- and even IF childhood was good- you may have gotten information that is out of alignment with you – the you- you want to be now. If it was tumultuous- there could be all kinds of beliefs and thoughts that you have consciously tried to get rid of over and over. Your subconscious can keep giving you the info and so can the cells of your body.

People find struggle, pain, illness when to two are not aligned.

AND then life happens every day… to stay well- You have to keep it aligned.

Every day To this day when I get up in the morning, I do a check in and make sure what I am feeling. It is a conscious effort that doesn’t take a lot of time, but the rewards are immense.

I used to beat myself up every day for not doing anything “good enough”.  It was a lie that I told myself. And I had myself so convinced that that one lie actually kept me from doing things that could make me feel good and heal my body but also just doing fun things that I wanted to.

I got rid of the lie by changing out the information of my cells. I taught myself how to have a better feeling then I sealed inside my cells. What a cool way to heal. It’s natural, fast, and feels great.

I help align people cells and brain for the life they want to live. It’s like forgiveness on steroids I go in with people and help them give new information to their cells – we call it Words of Life- the body does what the brain knows- once the brain knows- the cells know— You have to teach your cells what you want them to feel. –

ahhh I get so excited over this- I love this kind of stuff!!!

Blessing and Peace