Over the last number of weeks I have had a huge influx of people coming to me- all saying the same kinds of things. That they are struggling, frustrated, facing the same issues and worse that they have all of their life, and they can’t find relief.

People tell me they do all kinds of things- they tap(eft) use NLP, go to doctors, see healers, buy do it your self-programs- and some are feeling a little better but it doesn’t last or they are not getting enough significant progress to see a big difference, and they don’t feel the way they want so they can really enjoy their life 

They still struggle and are frustrated.

 All I can do is sigh, there are many reasons that the body will produce stress hormones and symptoms.

 From physical misalignment to mental and emotional misalignment, from nutritional issues to chemical environmental problems.

 The machinery of the brain operates as a leader of the whole. Like the general of an army.

 If the leader has bad information so will the rest of the army. (Your body.)

 Doing simple things to make yourself feel better to ensure the integrity of the machine will be there into your old age and be strong into the next great adventure.

 There are different ways to get there but you have to do things that will optimally create the best biochemistry for your body.

 One of the best things you can do is to create a strong mindset. One in which you are speaking well of yourself to yourself. A consistent and optimal flow of good chemistry and feelings that raises and elevates the way you feel and act every day.

 You have to live life more directly in correlation the work of the brain, the heart and the gut as a unit that all function to the betterment of the other.

 Think about living to the advantage of your brain, heart, and gut. The body has the capability to heal itself.

If start you with the emotional and release the stress that is locked in your system and what we call the subconscious mind. You start to feel better. Sometimes the feeling lasts, sometimes it doesn’t.

 What if you could reset the information that you learned as a kid. The things that have not grown with you and enable you to live life in a whole productive way. The information that is stuck in your body, locked in every cell…

 Can you reset the cells of your body with new information? If the way you think enables you to create the kind of life you want. Then by thinking alone, you should feel better.

But sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t the information from your subconscious sneaks up and trips you.

 You CAN change the information of your cells. I help people do it all of the time.

 When your body can give you the information that you are ok, you are loved, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are smart, what would you be able to do?

 Let me ask you this what would you tell your “inner child” if you could go back and tell that person anything … What would you want them to know?

 My mission is to help you be well, and if you’re not, to help you get well, and then to know how to stay well.

 You will feel better, have a new perception of yourself and your life and even the world around you and the way you can function in it.

 Subconscious change strategies work when you make a dedicated commitment to change and are ready to create the difference by releasing the past to become a new person. A new mindset means the old one is gone.

 Subconscious change strategies work when you have the help of a person who has an easy way to help you release the information, not only from your brain but also from the cells of the body, to bring them into coherence with each other.

 It’s not just the brain, it’s not just the heart. It’s every cell that contains information that can produce peace and love or struggle and fight.

 You can rewire the Program so the system works for you and with you instead of against you.

Message me or go sign up for a free 30 min session at https://www.mindrewire.com to learn more.