What are you thinking about today and how can you alter the feeling to the thought to resonate higher and manifest that thought into your life easier?

Do you know the thoughts you think hold weight- they have a value. A vibrational value created by the chemical value produced in your body. we become aware of this as a feeling. we can have multiple feelings going on and put together we give them a name and call it an emotion.

By the value of emotion, you set to the thing you want in your life can draw the thing closer or push it further away.

We do this all of the time to each other as humans- You feel one way or another and the people around you can feel it too. They either want to be around you- or they won’t. Its what they feel – from themselves and you that will determine this.

By your thoughts you produce chemicals in your body- called neurotransmitters and hormones and endorphins, these chemicals give you a feeling. this feel or set of feelings gets a label- happy – light- joy- good- sad- indifferent- angry, confused, frustrated…

By your thoughts these chemicals make you feel a certain way.

What do you see in your life that is congruent?

The thoughts you have.

The feeling you feel.

And what you are actually producing or seeing in your life?

This is called evidence. Its how you can know if your thoughts, feelings, and actions are productive and congruent with your desires.

Take some time and go through your thoughts- just notice the things you think about. you may want to write these down. become more aware of every thought you allow into your mind.

Now ask- Is this helping me?

If it’s not I want you to think of something you like. Something that really makes you feel good. Notice how you feel- put your hand over your heart and hold onto that feeling- let it grow, feel it in your body and then bring it into your heart and release it out of your heart space. feel it grow in the space in front of your body.

Can you feel it? Don’t let that feeling go away…

Now go back to your thoughts while you are feeling this big feeling- and keep this feeling growing and alive while you sift through your mind-

do you notice the thoughts change- are they different.

I want you to go through your day and try to keep this feeling alive- – in everything you say and do and notice how you feel.

Notice if your actions and reactions to things around you change.

How do you feel?