Mind Rewire has moved!!!

204E 100 N midway Ut. 84049

Mind Rewire has moved and is now open for business in Midway, Utah. Energy Healing, Alternative to medicine, Rapid transformation.

‘This is the cutting edge alternative to medicine and a new approach to health and well-being.’- Christy Mattoon

Mind Rewire helps eliminate life’s negative emotional response that creates issues in the mind and body.

Midway is a beautiful mountain valley, right around the corner from the beautiful Ski resort area of Park City and only a 35 min, incredibly scenic drive through the amazing open country from Park city or Provo UT.

This is for people searching for real relief. When you are doing everything right, but nothing seems to be helping, MindRewire has your answers. If you are serious about your health. You know all the things you keep trying are not hitting the mark, doing something outside of the box may be crucial.
MindRewire’s owner Christy Mattoon Seeks to help people find real relief that is permeant.

We gain knowledge and understanding from pivotal moments in our lives. as a child you saw, heard and were told things about your health. for example You cough or sneeze- and mom says- Oh honey your getting sick. Go outside without coat or shoes, “Oh honey you”ll get sick”…  touch the dirt or something on the ground- “Oh honey you’ll get sick”… You get the idea. Or go into  doctor with one symptom and walk out with a list of 20 things to watch out for next… and then you do and what starts showing up??? Those symptoms.. The mind is a powerful thing and what you believe and what you think shows up in your life. Even if the thought or belief was not your to start with…

Realizing you are living under someone else perception of your health is powerful knowledge, Changing out the beliefs and the subconscious thoughts radically changes the internal foundation that illness comes from.

This is cutting edge alternative to medicine and a new approach to health and well-being.

This is a new dimension in the health and well-being space. -Nicole King Owner of Nicole King Wellness

Mind Rewire’s Christy Mattoon is opening her doors for personal private in-office sessions. Previously she was only online, Mattoon will be doing 1 on 1 sessions as well as group sessions- pay at the door walk-in style. We know in a group -consciousness changes Look at the Maharishi effect– with group consciousness more people can clear an issue more quickly than struggling through it by yourself.

The style of walk-in group sessions is a new concept in healing Mattoon created after teaching a course in Houston Texas. That was exactly what started happening after the class. People were walking in, and one at a time was sitting down and waiting until she could spin around to address them and she would quickly address there issue with little information- and what was shared by the people was similar issues – if one was dealing with it so were others in the room. Isn’t that the way humans work!?

And the whole group would feel the release! People were saying things like- I feel so much lighter, headaches stopped, ringing ears, stopped, one persons back pain left!!! It was amazing! She kept moving around the room until all were addressed, even as people were coming or going.

This is a new dimension in the health and well-being space.

The normal way of doing things clearly isn’t working the way we are told it should, people across the globe are getting sicker with multiple diseases faster then ever- It time for a new, possible radical organic human approach- that starts on the inside of the body- not the outside.

Christy Mattoon is an energy Healer and Life coach and teaches classes on energy and rapid subconscious change in her new office Mattoon is a cutting edge Intuitive, remote energy healer, and Energy Psychologist. She has worked with people from over 13 countries around the world including 25 US states, to aid them in deep subconscious change. She helps people produce experiential evidence in their life that drives abundance, high-level self-worth, and self-esteem and better relationships. After experiencing severe illness and weight, issues in her own life Christy had to find another way to heal her body and mind to get to the life she desired. The diets and exercise got her to a certain point but didn’t produce the end result. She started working with energy, something that came naturally to aid in her rejuvenation and healing her spirit. Now, Christy teaches and helps people all over the world, from all walks of life to do the same thing. She is gifted in sight, hearing from the spirit world, and has the ability to know and understand from a deep level of God’s Energy. Christy is open to exploring places others may be uncomfortable; She has the boldness and tenacity of a fiery warrior. Christy has been told she teaches “The Secret to The Secret”. She gives the keys to how to easily change from the level of subconscious and soul. With online products and classes, personal, private sessions and group coaching, workshops, masterminds, and her hands-on experiential events, as well as through her YouTube channel Mind Rewire, speaking engagements… and in her best-selling books on Amazon Change -Rewire your mind https://www.amazon.com/CHANGE-Rewire-your-Mind-Antidepressants/ and How to combat autoimmune disease and win. https://www.amazon.com/How-Combat-Autoimmune-DiseaseWIN/

Please reach out to Christy for question or to come in and see for yourself
204 E 100 N Midway, Ut 84049
Go to mindrewire.com for group session dates or private sessions.