If you want to become self-sufficient and find your purpose, subconscious expert Christy Mattoon has the solution for you!

Her solution contains going beyond heart coherence and mind reprogramming.

Are you looking for the best heart coherence and mind reprogramming program for you?

Famous spiritual coach and founder of Mind Rewire, Christy Mattoon, announced the launch of a new program for those looking to reprogram their mind and eliminate daily stress. The “Beyond Heart Coherence” program can provide people with the tools to ensure mental stability amidst the current pandemic. This is heart coherence and mind reprogramming program all at once.

The newly launched program at Mind Rewire aims to help you stop negative thoughts about your past and focus on your future, happiness and purpose. The ability to get heart coherent and reprogram the mind is part of our natural human physiology.

Because of Covid-19 and recent events, statistics reveal a disturbing rise in cases of mental illness and suicide worldwide. Recent developments around the United States election and what is considered a ravaging pandemic have worsened the situation, with fear and uncertainty coming from fake news and deeper places. Thus, it has become imperative for you to have a clear, calm mind and pay attention to your subconscious. and more importantly your heart and becoming coherent.

Unfortunately, there are only a few resources designed to offer such a relief, which is where Christy is looking to make a difference with Beyond Heart Coherence.

Her mental illness issues were surrounded by her past and issues that had never been taken care of.

Christy Mattoon has grown to become increasingly popular over the years, working with the likes of Christina Fulton, the ex-wife of Nicolas Cage and other public figures from different parts of the world. The former mental illness patient launched “Beyond Heart Coherence” with the mission of helping as many people as possible to get rid of negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions and begin to know themselves. She discovered for herself way to alter the blocks and traps of her brain. Her mental illness issues were surrounded by her past and issues that had never been taken care of. With knowledge of heart coherence and mind reprogramming she changed her life.

More can be found in this recent article on the virus and mental illness https://www.northcarolinahealthnews.org/2020/11/22/report-20-percent-of-covid-19-patients-develop-mental-health-issues

The program has grown in popularity in recent times, with clients leveraging its many features and benefits to lead a better life.  Because of this being the best heart coherence and mind reprogramming program available, Christy is offering it at price that is affordable.

The program is suited for all categories of individuals, including lightworkers, seekers, enlightened beings, and anyone seeking to progress their spiritual journey by going beyond heart coherence. The remote energy healer and Energy Psychologist walks you through the process of achieving a quiet mind, spiritual awareness, higher intuition, flow of energy, and freedom.

Christy wants to target traditional therapy, She believes with the knowledge of heart coherence any therapist or psychologist will be able to help people heal faster.

Mind Rewire was founded by Christy Mattoon to provide you with the necessary tools to live a fulfilled life. Christy is an intuitive, remote energy healer and Energy Psychologist with years of experience working with people from more than 13 countries and 25 US states to aid them in profound subconscious change.

More information can be found at https://Mindrewire.com  or go here to join the Beyond heart coherence course and schedule a time to talk to Christy today. http://bit.ly/Beyondheartcoherence

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Christy Mattoon said: “I have direct experience with mental illness. In my own life, I was diagnosed as being bipolar. What no one knew was the depth of the issue out of my childhood. The subconscious thoughts and feelings that drove my life- came from memories I didn’t have.”

“Addressing my issues from a state of calming these unknown feelings by using the power of my heart instead of medicating them gave me the power to take my life back,” she added.

For more information about Christy Mattoon’s “Beyond Heart Coherence” and other programs from the energy psychology therapist via Mind Rewire, please visit the above-mentioned website. You can also find Mind Rewire across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

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