How Powerful is the Mind?

Your Personality creates your personal reality. – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Understand Beliefs. What are they?

Your thoughts, your ideas, your intention…

Put simply, a belief is an idea that you think to be true about yourself, or about someone else or even the world around you.

Whether this belief is true or false, good or bad, it is created when something happens to you.

Beliefs are formed when you learn something, witness something, have someone tell you something, and you put time and emotion to it by thinking about it.

Your belief could be about something you should have learned, heard, or understood about yourself, but for whatever reason failed to do so.

If you’re treated a certain way or treat yourself a certain way, you are creating beliefs. These can easily come from everyday life situations; things that happen and go on around you. Beliefs can cause horrible lifelong issues or wonderful outcomes.

They can cause intense, miraculous healings and quick, certain deaths.

I want you to stop and get quiet for a moment now, going deep within yourself to ask this question:

What do you tell yourself?

What are the things that you hear yourself saying and thinking?

Then ask are they are really true? Write these down.

This is good information to have. It is a way to start a process of becoming aware of your internal dialog.

While you write these things down, I want you to think for a second about the idea that your thoughts actually have some role to play in the way you live your life. Do you believe in the idea that what you think has some effect on your reality and on your life as a whole – that your thoughts create your reality?

When do you ever wake up in the morning and actively work on creating a better future for yourself? Have you ever worked with yourself on such a level that you are truly trying to create what you want in your mind and see that creation the fruit of it in your life? Are you willing to strive for it day in and day out? How much effort would you put in if you knew that your thoughts create matter?

Can you really start the process by thought alone?

Most people don’t participate in a practice like that daily. Mostly because they don’t believe it to be true.

Can you create a  new reality by thought?

Have you ever even really considered the idea that reality is created based on what you’re thinking.

We see evidence of this all the time. Notice the people around you and the lives that they live. What are the things they complain about the most, and what are the things that they actually do the most. How do they live their life? How do they function? What do you notice about the things they are thinking and speaking about, and how do their actions match up?

It’s always interesting to stand back and watch the people who are around you on a daily basis, taking stock of what they’re saying and doing and what the relationship is between these things.

A person, who is always saying I’m going to get sick, spends a lot of time being sick. A person who has an accident or illness that caused a pain and then talks about the pain a lot stays in pain longer than a person who actively does something to counter it.

More importantly, it’s interesting to note how easily things could be altered if they just said some things a little differently. If you knew beyond all reasonable doubt that your thoughts created your experience and your reality, would you ever miss a day on pre-planning every thought in your mind? If you were absolutely sure that you could consciously create the future that you see, would you ever let any thought slip by your awareness that you didn’t want active in your life?

When I start feeling like I am going to catch a cold, I start talking to my body about killing the virus, or bacteria. I talk to my system and tell it to activate the necessary healing response that will keep me feeling well.  I rarely get sick to a point that I can’t stop. In any place I am standing In I will take authority of my part in that space, I say something to the effect of- I tak authority of this space and any thing here- germs, bactiraia, or otherwise that could harm me has to leave. you are not aloud near me or on me.

You might think its silly- but you should try it and then practice it for different areas. If you are in authority you cant be in fear. If there is no fear you can be and do whatever you need to.

This is a very powerful way to take control of your life.

To have every thought under control- Could change the way you live your life…

Blessings and peace