Mindfulness is that part that recognizes and acts out of that recognition.

When I’m mindful of a thing. I attune my senses and feeling to meet it accordingly. It may be hard to become mindful if the subconscious is adding its own brand of awareness.

The subconscious can give you feelings based on what it knows about a subject and can leave you feeling bad and not knowing why…

If I leave my senses and feelings in Low vibration, the thing I’ve become mindful of may become a problem if it was already negative in nature. If I can attune my senses and feelings to vibrate higher and I tend to rise above it.

If I am not mindful, my senses and feelings may go on autopilot. And life happens. Some will say life happens to me and not for me.

Some days I can easily stay mindful. Other days when trials come and life throws punches it can be very hard. We had a recent incident in our family with active threats of suicide followed by police visits and hospitals.

It involved perceived threats from Facebook messenger messages from an unknown source.

It involves another part of the family that has been passively away from the situation and yet still manipulating it. (Not necessarily in a bad way, sometimes…)

So there are a lot of loss pieces and parts that come into play.

What it did to my thoughts and feelings got super messy. For 2 days I quit being mindful of taking care of myself to give full attention To this person and situation. A person who has required more attention because of issues from birth. And I feel fully responsible because I’m the “mom”. (My pattern that I became mindful to)

I became mindful in this situation that I have gone in this cycle with this person for years.

So, I am mindful That I am doing that. So what, what good is that?

Being mindful shows me what is happening and possibly why and will continue to give me information. If I’m not mindful I will keep doing what I’m doing if I stay mindful and do nothing else it can aggravate the system. You become hyper-aware of the issue, you know it’s there and do nothing to change it.

So, you have to do something with your mindfulness. To active the mindfulness I put on a new feeling to it, I gave my cells a different way to think by subconsciously changing the pattern. I do this with a whole brain state and a small process. We will see how effective I was today. I test my changes by walking into the problem…

If I act and react the same, I’ll know I was ineffective at the change. If I was effective and I can do it differently, I will walk out with a different outcome for myself.

Not necessarily for him but yes for me.

Mindfulness really is a good thing. Very powerful.

Activating what you became mindful about is totally another thing. Changes lives.

If you become mindful and just sit with your mindfulness and the new knowledge you get from it you really have done nothing.

Become mindful and then change the pattern action, reaction, thought, feeling to the thing to see real results.

Mindfulness, when done well and fully, will give you authority in your life.