If you’re like millions of people around the world who love to binge watch shows and movies on a digital streaming service, you may have heard of Gaia. 

Gaia, also known in the spiritual community as “conscious Netflix”, is a provider of original content, films, documentaries and videos – just like Netflix. Only their mission is to provide their subscribers with content focused on personal development, spiritual growth, and alternative healing. 

Basically, it’s Netflix for the yogis, the meditators; those who seek enlightenment. Among those interested in spiritual growth is Christy Mattoon, CEO of MindRewire. And she is excited to announce that she has recently joined Gaia as an official ambassador. 

What exactly does that mean? Gaia scours the world for like-minded people who share their vision of conscious growth. The organization seeks to collaborate with people who share their vision, and it didn’t take them long to find Christy Mattoon, whose mission is closely aligned with theirs.

Click here for more informationhttps://www.gaia.com/portal/christy

You may have heard of Christy Mattoon if you’re involved in the spiritual community. She is the founder and CEO of MindRewire and has years of experience in energy healing, energy psychology, nutrition, and protocols like PSYCH-K, neurokinetic therapy, and psychic cleaning. 

MindRewire is an educational platform with the mission to help provide you with the tools to live your life in wholeness; mind, body and spirit. Christy Mattoon brings years of experience to the table to help people like you achieve growth, change, and efficiency. 

As an ambassador for Gaia, Christy plans to continue to spread her message and promote Gaia’s vision and mission to bring consciousness and clarity to the world. Now more than ever, people want change and growth. And real change starts with education and information. 

Together, Gaia and Christy Mattoon plan to spread positivity and educate people on key information required to change the planet for the better. This is a strong partnership between like-minded companies and individuals with the goal of making the planet a better place. 

Gaia is currently operating in more than 185 countries and focuses on creating and promoting content related to alternative healing, personal development, expanded consciousness, ancient teaching, and anything related to enlightenment and spiritual growth. 

You can visit Christy’s webpage on Gaia’s network to connect with her and see what she’s been watching on Gaia. 

Make the most of your binge watching. Now’s the time to start your journey toward a conscious, spiritual and enlightened life. Contact us now to get involved in the consciousness revolution. 

Click here for more information: https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy