I had the pleasure of speaking at Nasdaq on April 30th, 2018. I talked about the effects of subconscious stress on a person with autoimmune disease. And how that stress can keep symptoms revved up and the body flooded with inflammation. I told my story and what I believed happened that lead me to 300 pounds and how diets and exercise alone didn’t stop the issues and symptoms. While that was a big chunk and very helpful, there was still something that kept hanging me up. My symptoms would rev up when I was not expecting it. Things would be great and then the symptoms would suddenly change for no reason. I remember thinking at times that it was like my body had to make me feel bad if I started to feel good. It made no sense.

At Nasdaq, I spoke about how I use a protocol that helped clear my subconscious mind. And allowed healing to occur in my body and how I finally got rid of my own autoimmune issues. I stopped taking the medication. That’s a scary thing to do. Especially after all the years of indoctrination about how disease and medication will be the new way of life. I really thought I was going to be sick for the rest of my life. Doctor after doctor giving me the worst case scenario because that’s what they do. They teach you and talk to you based on what they learned to do in school.

The last endocrine doctor I saw told me my numbers were good- everything was looking great. And then looked me dead in the eye and said “but don’t get to excited you’ll be back. It never lasts for long.” That was the last time I walked into her office. When I told her I wouldn’t be back, she said there would be consequences. She told me I needed to rethink it.

In my mind the consequences she thought could exist: could not be any worse than what I had already gone through. And I knew after she said that she didn’t believe in my healing process the way I was trying to. I did not need that attitude on my team. So I left and never returned.

Autoimmune disease is on the rise in our country at crazy rates. That is old news. It is stealing and claiming life faster than anything else on this planet, and I don’t mean by death. It steals life from anyone tagged with a disease name by stealing joy and peace from the person’s life.

Medicine is not helping in most cases. And I’ll be honest, when I put the medicine down and started using food as my medicine- I started getting results.

Now, mind you, my results were not fast. they have happened over time. The more my knowledge has grown, the better I do.

It has not been easy

It has not always been easy. You don’t get the feel better faster kind of results some think they are going to get with medicine. But you get steady results. In the right direction; consistently. And you are in control, not a doctor making guesses based on what the last patient’s results were. If you re a doctor, I mean no harm, I’m not saying this to make anyone mad- It was just my experience.

When I realized some of the symptoms worsening and the new symptoms I was seeing were the cause of the medicine I was on. I knew I was no longer going to go down that road. I was ready to do it radically different, despite push back and insult from family and friends.

In the long run, I was getting worse and worse on medicine and the protocols of western trained medical doctors.

It got easy to walk away from all of it. Even if I had to face the consequences- whatever that meant.


The subconscious mind is talked about as “the Elephant in the living room of western medicine”. As noted by Dr. Bradley Nelson of Gaia’s popular movie           “E-Motion”. And there and no one is looking at it.

Here is what I found out. In my own journey, there was childhood and issues that I didn’t know about. No memory of. Those issues were like a slow drip of cortisol and adrenaline into my body. Your body produces these natural chemicals that do great things when the levels are regulated. But they are not regulated and out of control, over time, will cause stress and start to cause problems in your body. Most notably, belly fat. We have all heard of this. My question, is belly fat really fat or is it inflammation?

On top of “belly fat,” you get heart disease and gut issues galore.

The heightened levels of cortisol can come from what I call subconscious stress. Stress from your past. Issues that happened raised you into a level of fight and flight and left you there to some degree. Some are frozen in it. Others only mildly stuck, but all are swept under the tow over time.

Inflammation can come from a home of subconscious stress and negative emotions that are stuck in your body and tissues.

Your cells hold onto this information. If not gotten rid of, the person can be left with a body full of symptoms and issues and may never know exactly what happened. And it feels like none of it makes any sense.

Autoimmune issues start for many reasons. Including stress from the past, a poisonous food supply, issues of your family, things we call genetic issues.

Healing autoimmune issues can also start from many different directions. Weight loss, food supply- nutrition, and healing the issues of your past. Stopping subconscious stress.

People ask, “How do I know if its a subconscious stress problem?” I used to joke and ask back, “do you have a brain, and a past?” I thought it was funny… my dry sense of humor…

Now I ask, are you doing everything right, diet, exercise, doctors, medicine. Have you ever tried other things to get to the root of it? Other modalities. Therapy for years, tapping, Reiki, even hypnosis, and they have not stopped your issues. You may even know there is stress to a situation but you can seem to get at it or see any lasting result to stop it.

Maybe you can’t even put your finger on it. You just know it’s not right. Something isn’t right. You have this underlying feeling… My doctor told me I was crazy and put me on Depakote for Bipolar symptoms.

Don Tolman, also an expert guest on the movie E-Motion says that “The negative emotions form as molecules in the body and you cant get them out unless you know how.”

When I first heard him say that I was like hey that’s what I do…I help people change the information that is lodged in their cells.

Listen I tried everything, At three hundred pounds. I was getting sicker and sicker. I was stacking up disease titles faster than anything. I tried the diets, even a liquid protein one that made my symptoms flare up so badly that I wanted to die. I will tell you about that another time.

I want people to know there is more to it than meets the eye- I am NOT saying go home and throw away your medicine and stop seeing a doctor. I did, I got relief, but I had other support, and I was in the right places at the right time.

You have to find out what is right for you. You have to decide what you can do and what lengths you are willing to go to in order to heal your body.

It WILL require giving up things you think you are entitled to. It will require doing things that go against the grain. It will take pissing people off around you. Your resiliency to stand in the face of laughter at the hands of people who love you because they think your nuts.

Do you have a feeling? Do you know what is right for you? Are you afraid to believe in yourself?

You have to clean out your system and learn about yourself. You have to want heath and truly want to do whatever it takes to get yourself back to a place you can live in. Inside your own body. It is yours, no one will do this for you…and You have to want it more than anything else.

Mind rewire helps you shift the negative consistent emotions that are preprogrammed into your system. You learn to release the stress from every day so that it does not pile up and mess up your life.

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