Read what some of the people I’ve worked with think… in their own words.

Change is a continuous journey.  You never really get to the change, you just keep changing. When I mentally prepared myself to move forward, i had to have a mental shift in order to stay the course.  Switching to a positive mental attitude changes the outcome of what is being created. So in this new way of being, and setting new intentions, I really had to let go of old negative thoughts that only projected me backwards to old habits.  I wanted out of old habits that weren’t taking me to the life i want.   So i realized that in every now moment I am creating my next now reality.  What you give your emotional attention to (positive or negative) will bring you more of that.   To rewire my thoughts I had to focus on everything I want in my life and then really stick to that way of thinking, which is focusing on what I want.  Not what I don’t want. I practice everyday to catch myself in a thought pattern that isn’t productive and switching it to a productive thought. As soon as I realize I’m heading down a thought trail of any worse case scenario or even a simple trail of anything i don’t want to happen, I switch the entire scenario to what I want to create, what I want to happen, what I want to project.  It really is the secret. Be aware of the thoughts you don’t want, but keep letting them go until it becomes so easy they just fade.  You are bringing your next moments into creation based on your current state of emotions.

Mind Rewire is set up to help you help yourself.  It’s all done in your own mind and belief system you’ve created throughout your life, and Christy is there to walk you through it in the right steps so it really takes hold and you get the full effect. She gently walks you back through old memories that you have tied an emotion to and helps you completely release the emotion. You release the block that you have created, and Christy is there to keep you stay in the space of doing this. Then she walks you back through your life at a cellular level and recreate new thought patterns and new belief systems. The key is how long you keep it up. If you go back to the old habits you’ll lose yourself every time. If you self check what you’re giving your attention to then you will create new patterns.

Sarah Milgrom

I worked with Jake to get him passed the Bar – he was struggling with the fear that goes with a huge test like this- we worked for 5 sessions to get him to this-
So Good here these kinds of results! I’ve been working with Shamina his wife for a while and truly blessed to be a part of this healing.  Here is what she says about Mind Rewire!
We just got the Bar results this past Friday… Jake PASSED!!!!🎉🎉🎉  the first thing I told him was “see what Christy can do?!?!!!!”  It’s such a blessing, and we appreciate your help SO MUCH!!!  I have been accepted to UCIrvine too and start in the Fall! Jake got a job working with the Court in Merced, CA as a mediator and just started last week too!  I only have a few days left of work and the baby will be here in less than 2 weeks (June 3rd). Sooo many blessings have opened up!!  It’s truly amazing!!
Unbelievable amount of thanks!!! Thank you for being the Lord’s instrument and helping to change our lives around and opening up the windows of heaven as a result!  You have been the best blessing in our lives, especially during our darkest hour! ❤❤❤ we’ve been recommending you to many of our friends and family and have given them your info, and will continue to do so!
– Shamina
Shamina Plott

I always love coaching with Christy! The processes & tools she shared have helped me to have more confidence & courage in my work & personal life. Just over a month ago I was stuck behind a desk, feeling lost & isolate while slaving away at a corporate job. I was very unhappy, stressed, depressed, with anxiety & often losing sleep from the ravages of the corporate chaos. As my coach & mentor, She guided me through a Mind Rewire principle & processes that gently washed away the struggle, cleared my mind & opened up the door to a new career that I love! I’m on my path now, using my gifts & talents to serve others in a whole new way! I’m sleeping well, more happy in my home, family & confident in my new path & future! Thanks for the really powerful tools & guidance! I have a new mind & new me!

Sherry Sorenson


Definitely- I’ve felt a lot lighter since we started working together and in a better mood more often than before. There’s a lot of layers with me so I didn’t expect anything to happen overnight but I’d say baby steps are definitely being felt. Also on Saturday after our session, I felt the need to purge -so- I had a couple clothing items leftover from my boyfriend that I don’t know why I had been holding onto them. I donated them to Goodwill!! And also was able to delete our texting history on my phone, and block him on Instagram. Those were both pretty big for me! It’s honestly felt so good to be playing my guitar. I had zero desire to play it before, even though it was something I had always loved to do.

Thank you!!

Stephanie Z

I must say that the technique has been successful in eliminating negative thoughts as well as sleep disturbances. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it. Christy is professional yet very easy to talk with, she moved me through the technique at my pace. Her follow up after each session is also good.

Overall I have less attachment to impressing others. Clearer thinking. Less dwelling on negativity. More fluid thinking. And an increased ability to let things go. I also noticed that I’m less attached to labeling myself as something, but instead as a person who chooses to do something, which is freeing.



My first coaching session with Christy was fantastic, I had a major breakthrough & saw immediate positive changes.

Her down to earth, straightforward approach for real improvements & change is inspiring & easy to follow. The effects are long lasting!

I highly recommend her work & coaching to anyone wanting a brilliant, workable & fun way to make shifts in their experiences.

Sherry Sorenson

Feng Shui Consultant, Utah

Over the years I have tried dozens of self-help techniques and therapies which seemed to help, for a moment. But I found that they just made me aware of my problems and didn’t provide me with real lasting solutions. It was a never-ending cycle of ups and downs that I just could not seem to break! I’ve always been looking for that thing that could change my life and the direction it was going. Mind Rewire with Christy was that thing. I had made more progress and permanent changes in just a few short sessions compared to the 15 years of work I had put in previously. I no longer saw my reoccurring issues/problems as impossible hurdles. They literally melted away and no longer exist thanks to the methods and corrections that Mind Rewire provides. Christy was amazing to work with and a much-needed miracle in my life! I have recommended her to everyone and will continue to do so. This has not only saved me time and money but has turned the direction of my life around entirely! Without a doubt, this is the way to create lasting, permanent change for the better in your life… don’t pass it up!

Shamina P.


I am very grateful that I found the course that Christy Mattoon is teaching. After one session with her, I already noticed changes in my behavior. I didn’t do anything to prove that or to check on that, other people start commenting on my presence and my company. That means this is working! People around me notice I am different!

The two first believes on my list, disappeared completely already. After only one session. I forgot about them and I only realized that I was thinking that way when I started to look at my list of beliefs for the second session.

My new “me” has a strong believe right now that we all are part of something big and important and our collaboration must be treated that way. I know now how to get the result and I know how to verbalize the needs without getting emotions overrun the result.

One of the things on my list was my intimidation by alfa women (more than the alfa man). I am relatively strong person, but I feel intimidated by superior people in general and I always hated this feeling, because I saw myself trying too hard to make them like me. I got much better lately in accomplish my goal of not trying too hard to impress other people with the way I look, with the way who I am (but deep inside it was still a belief)

My new “me” not even thinking about “them”, or “me’ versus “them” anymore and this is the best feeling I can record for a long time.

Looking forward changing the rest of my beliefs on that list, I see now that this is all possible.

Thank you, Christy

Polina Zaika


I can’t thank you enough. We have worked together for many years — you have shown me things I would not have tried or done otherwise. I now am proficient at my own change and can do what I need to in regards to physical and spiritual matters. You helped me on multiple occasions and also helped friends and family when needed. You are gifted and I am blessed. Thank you.

Debby V.


I’ve been depressed and anxiety-ridden for the past 20 years or so. I’ve always felt better after working with Christy. Christy is able to do remote work which I’ve always been able to feel in some way, whether she is providing energy or trying to alleviate stress or anxiety. I really appreciate the work that she has done over the years, she has never stopped! Thank you!



Thank you so much for this course, and the live meeting the other night. I am going over my thoughts and my notes and still can’t get over how much you have to say and what you are teaching here. Nor can I imagine the amount of work this took to put together… So, now, what I have to do is own up to some of the questions I’ve uncovered along with taking that stance in a higher place. Til next time, I’m sending you my gratitude.

Cheryl A.


Training with Christy was life-changing, Christy transferred her passion to me and training with her was often times the highlight of my day! Christy even helped me educate muscles to engage to perform like they are supposed to. That was an incredible experience which, to this day, leaves me perplexed and extremely thankful.



I took a chance and gave Christy a call. That was one of the best decisions of my life. The Mind Rewire program literally rewires your mind. I signed up because I was having trouble trading Forex. After one coaching call, I could go on Forex and draw out what the market is going to do! I’m blown away…

Dino B

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Despite having gone through significant trauma in childhood and as an adult I rarely seek professional help anymore. After so many tries and never finding a good fit, it starts to seem useless. When my sister got me a session with Christy I agreed because one it was a gift and secondly I trust my sister. After only two sessions I can honestly say I feel like major change has occurred. I also feel better equipped when triggered then I maybe ever have. Christy is someone I instantly trusted and felt comfortable with, which in my opinion, is half the battle in getting help from someone. I highly recommend Christy Mattoon to anyone serious about making positive changes in their life.

Noel Z.


I have found Mind Rewire and Christy to be the perfect tools to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be. I have struggled with low self-value and the symptoms of a broken heart for as long as I can remember. I am being honest when I say that Mind Rewire is the modality that finally worked to restore a sense of value and belonging. I can see the fruit in the decisions I am now making. My life is forever changed for the better and I am forever grateful for this modality and for her.

Nicole King


The work I have done with Christy has allowed me to function in this world. I have been able to use the tools daily that I learned with her. I feel like they have allowed me to grow and learn more about myself. Because of this I can now take ownership of my life; I can accept the good and bad parts and have learned I have the power to change what I don’t want. When the bad comes, I don’t live in fear anymore. I am able to live my life with joy now! I still use the tools and hear myself repeating the phrases she would use.

Emily E.


I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. You helped me on a path of change. You have a gift. Thank you.



Excellent information and way of presenting it. I love the simplicity that you developed from so many complex avenues that have similar goals and effects. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it really does help rewire our thinking and actions. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge and wonderful energy with us!

Amanda F.

Thank you so much for facilitating a new paradigm for me of feeling connected to and loved by my tribe. I feel so much more whole. What a beautiful gift! Thank you.

Debbie MA.

Testimonials from People with Health & Pain Issues

Life should feel good, If you live in pain or disease and want a different way to overcome it, besides nutrition, working out, and medicine, you need to do something different. Mind Rewire techniques will complement and magnify what you are already doing…

I was on the phone with Christy and began coughing, again. I explained that I knew what the issue was and she said it could be cleared with Psych-K and we could do it over the phone. She guided me through the process, it was easy to follow and understand. The allergy and emotional stress associated with it were addressed in one session.

That same night there was significant improvement, it was more of an issue of calming my body down from all the irritation and coughing –the more you cough, the more you cough. It is a week later I am able to sit through 4 hours of class and a treatment in the clinic where I was breathing, smelling, and fully aware of the moxa burning all around me and no coughing!



Since working with Christy I have felt a vast change in not only my physical health, but my mental health. I battle with Complex-PTSD, and a major symptom of this mental disorder is dissociation. I was dissociating multiple times a week, sometimes without even feeling triggered. Once I brought this up to Christy, she worked with me by disconnecting the reasons behind my dissociation, and coached me to cope with my daily emotions to avoid future episodes. Since seeing her, I haven’t had one dissociation episode and have been handling my emotions in a much calmer way. She has helped me in so many ways. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with a physical or mental ailment, no matter how big or small.


Rosie T.


The first time I went to see Christy was for lower back pain.  Christy spent time explaining how muscles work. Then she went to work.  By the time I left, I was virtually pain-free!  Christy also helped with some knee pain that was keeping me from running.  Again, Christy was able to determine the cause, and her therapy worked!  I have been running fine since.  I highly recommend Christy to athletes who are trying to stay in the game to people who just want to feel better.  Thank you, Christy!


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