Understanding Subconscious Transformation

Do you fight with stress? Emotions that you seem to have no control over? Are you searching and looking everyday for relief? Scouring self help books that seem to understand exactly how you feel, but never give you the whole answer to resolve it.

A lot of people are looking at the subconscious as the root of all of there problems. When the reality is the subconscious mind is only doing the job it is supposed to do. It stores the information that is collected over a life time.

Our universe is a multi diverse and complex thing. But it repeats itself over and over, in patterns, numbers, and symbols, indicating a intelligence that we all are aware of on some level or another. The overload of information in the subconscious can be a block to that divine intelligence.

The subconscious holds onto information that it thinks will be useful, it symbolizes something to us in our lives. And when that information gets read over and over we believe it as truth, it becomes a part of us instead of something that happened in the course of life. The information is part of our brain in the form of a neuro-pathways and we get sent back to that information when the body and mind are looking to help a person get through a situation.

The Subconscious and Universal Intelligence

Our subconscious can feel like it is some sort of universal intelligence; information seems to come from nowhere that sends you into action, on autopilot we call it. We always tend to think of it as bad.

But- If it is positive, good, feels right and gets you to the place you want to go; and, you don’t mind. If it doesn’t feel good, or you notice that you are not doing the things you had set out to do, the things you want to do are not happening. You become aware of frustrations, you feel blocked or unbalanced. Sometimes it is the feeling of a repeated negative emotion that reaps non-beneficial cycles in our lives. We take notice of and in the moment you do – you want to figure it out and make a difference.

Here’s the deal; your brain does not know the difference, good or bad. It only gives back what it has been given and has stored. And as a being that learns and understands based on environmental influence how can you know until you know. We allow the information of our brain from a conscious stand point rule who we are and how we define ourselves. From a subconscious stand point life just happens – like Gods got it out for you or a universal intelligence is somehow defining your life.

Conscious level

On a conscious level, we tell our-self all kinds of things from the polarity that we know as our world. These are the things we have learned and consider about yourself and our world as truths, beliefs, the way things are. You will here it in the form of- yes and no, true and false, good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn’t, do and don’t, can and can’t, will and won’t…. Its the way you think- BECAUSE OF what you know on the level of the subconscious and we allow the knowledge and acknowledge it as truth.

While it can feel like universal intelligence; that feeling can throw you off, because this is not universal intelligence. This is our learned knowledge from other beings, who learned it before us. Knowledge based on what they knew at the time- as we say, in forgiving them, they were doing the best they could. No matter what was going on- how we learned to become who we are is based on other fallible human knowledge.

Whether this knowledge is truly relevant to the situation at hand or not, it does not matter. You will take it on as a truth and you don’t know any other way.

Here is the truth, You have unlimited possibilities that you can choose from in this life. Defined by your beliefs the number of possibilities will dwindle. You will point outside of you and blame others and yell at God, but the truth is there are still, even in your arena of belief multiple possibilities. You just have to recognize them and them claim them and move into them. Do whats required to make it reality.


How do I know the difference? How can I know that I know? One way is to catch yourself speaking in polarities. Those polarities will signal where you are- subconscious or conscious being in polarity will cause stress, discord and issues in your life.

Subconscious Roadblocks

For some of us, these subconscious roadblocks are an issue.
The emotional attachments that keep us connected to a past we no longer live in.
Getting rid of old emotional garbage will only take you so far.
At some point you have to connect to that higher part of you that sees and knows all of this from a different plain of reality.
-If this resonates with you, you know what I talking about… isnt it wonderful!!

For those of you who know what I’m talking about but it feels like a yearning or a longing that is out of reach and you have not found a way to get there.

I can help you find it.
I know you have tried everything.
I get it. but we are in a different age, a new period of time that requires fast results and connection that goes far beyond your subconscious mind.

Man made Techniques only go so far.
Protocols, that work at the iceberg level, only take you so far.

I am opening up space for clients who want to get in touch with there true inner self.
and learn the work , to get you there.
Find true inner piece because you become that peace not because you feel it..

Does this speak to you?

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