Go Beyond Heart Coherence!

How to know and talk to your higher self.

To be the true you requires a level of love and compassion for yourself. You have to find out the spirit part is the power center! Go Beyond Heart Coherence!
This is where we run races and win! This is where we fight battles and conquer fears.

The heart is the central power station of the physical system. More information moves through this space and any where else in the body.

The problem is most of it is non-local phenomenon. Meaning It doesn’t come from the brain, it does not come from inside your system. It is information from the field. Your system reads and processes this information in your heart. Or, more specifically, your higher self reads it. Or what I would call your spirit. And a lot of people have no idea about this part of them.

Heart Coherence is a scientific fact. The Heart Math Institute and people like Joe Dispenza prove the heart technology in worth by measuring it’s field of energy. With sophisticated science and measuring devices they have seen and proven the bioelectromagnetic field. They show how it interacts electronically with the heart and brain. So, the field is there and it is real.


To go Beyond Heart Coherence means that we are conversing with the spirit of the human.

Through this conversation we receive information from the field of consciousness. The field of energy that is all around us. This is how we create whether one recognizes it or not.
While it is less provable, is the information coming into the heart through the field is palpable. One can only measure this by experience. Testimony from people who have created their awareness to see it and believe what they see, tell us a story. Others who can get their can confirm this information. There is more to who or what we are than we have been lead to believe.
The energy of our spirit self is powerful.
To go Beyond Heart Coherence means that we are conversing with the spirit of the human. Your spirit. not a guardian, or spirit guide… your spirit, you higher self. Even though you can have those conversations too. 
Going Beyond Heart Coherence changes a person instantly.

Understand, we are programmed.

Humans are programmed by other humans all of the time. What you believe came from what someone else experienced or learned from their life. A mom, dad, or other family member. A teacher, or coach. Things you watched on T.V., heard on the radio or in music. The media or news sources you watch most. For example: Pharmaceutical companies have programmed doctors and nurses all over the world to believe that drugs are the only way to heal. We are programed with that information too. It cause s fear. If that is the only information you have you may not know different. But this is were clients have told me “I have this feeling”. Or they will preface a statement by ” this is going to sound weird.” They will hear the internal voice, and think that it is crazy.
Most of the time the program becomes who you think you are. A person will live under the terms of their believe until there is a reason to challenge it. Or the voice gets louder than the program, and the person has to listen.
Recognize the programmed you is not the real you. The higher-self is the real you. And you can interact and find out more about yourself from this aspect in many ways. But, Heart coherence will get you there faster.
Awareness is one of the first tools to conquer the program. The more aware you become the more un- at- ease you will get. And you will wonder what is wrong with you because the programmers will insist that the program is correct. But something tells you this isn’t quit right.
Heart coherence its self is a very simple idea. it is so simple in fact that people will fight it. It’s to easy. And way to effective.
Unfortunately, the way we teach it, is that you go into heart coherence- which means you come out of heart coherence.
If you come out, your are on an emotional roller coaster.
I changed the nature of the practice by saying it is not a practice. Going Beyond Heart Coherence means you have to train your system to stay coherent. The practice is no longer a practice, it is a cadence. meaning a daily walk. it is not something you can do for one or 2 hours at 3 am every morning and get full benefit of. It is something you become by doing.
I believe this is how the system works naturally. Heart first, then brain.. not the other way around.
When heart coherence is a part of daily life, a persons growth and physical function increases. They have longevity of life. They have enjoyment in life. Heart coherence is a necessary part of life. Heart Coherence is a functional part of the human system.

I believe heart coherence can be trained into the system. In fact, Heart Coherence was something that had been hidden from us to keep us from our power.

We are told our bodies are like technology, like a computer. But I believe that is false. Our technology is our body. Our Bodies are powerful systems. We talk about the body as if they are only a physical form. We leave out the energy a lot of times, and we defiantly leave out the spirit.
The whole body is an information collecting, energy transducing, effective decoder that can see and know more of than we allow ourselves. And this information supersedes the stuff locked in the brain or any information that we can see plainly in front of us.
When a person, in new age speak says, “I got a download” or “receives a transmission” the information from outside of the human system. The physical body acts as the “computer” that receives and decodes the information.
A heart coherent state allows this easily
But we were not trained in heart coherence. We were trained to “THINK”. “THINK it through”. TO “sit and think about it”. We have crammed our brains to capacity with information that is not coherent to our spirits. And in fact flies in the face of creator and creation so hard that our bodies and minds can no longer tolerate it.

But, I think we’ve got this all wrong!

If I could teach just one person a little of how the system works and show them in a heart coherent state that they could go beyond the realms of imagination. The Spirit is the wisdom, the spirit is the key to knowledge and the final frontiers. The spirit  is the computer and the programmer.

To go Beyond Heart Coherence is the key. And it is not hard to learn. To train your system in a new fashion is always the challenge but that is a built in function of Beyond Heart Coherence Master class.
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