A great side benefit to being actively engaged in your community is that negative subconscious beliefs and subconscious stress will have to change in response to loving yourself and enjoying community.

Create a Community to Stay in Good Health-
You subconscious thinking can lock you out of having community and loving your life.

Being in a community of people that love and support you is a functioning part of life on the planet. And yet a large part of the population push back against enjoying the benefits of engaging in community.

Sometimes the pain of a persons past leads them to believe they its to hard to be around people, people just hurt you, it’s more work than its worth… and yet they also do not like where they are in life and want it to change,

It is often difficult to know how to build community that is engaging and contributes to the wellbeing of our lives, based on the pressures of work life, home life and our society in general. The fear and feeling of getting to know your neighbor seem to be getting bigger and talking to each other gets harder to do.

Why is loving our neighbor important? Should we care? Should we even try? The answer seems easy enough, Of course you should… but do you? And if you do, are you making the necessary attempts to reach out and be connected.
Will you, can you find the courage to try?

The truth is most people don’t. We get stuck in our own shells and wait for someone else to step up. And when no one does we just blow it off, I’ve heard many say-“that’s just how it is.”

What is the need for being in a community?

Is community a necessary part of our mental and physical well being?

Like it or not human beings are social animals. Whether we like having alone time or not, we all need community. Did you know that engaging positively with people in social support networks correlates with a number of desirable physical and mental outcomes? Community involvement has been associated with mental health and cognitive resilience. It has been related to reduction of chronic pain, lower blood pressure, and improved cardiovascular health. In fact, loneliness has been shown to increases the risk for premature mortality among all ages. And because of new social norms one could make the case that lack of community is a growing public health hazard!

The more removed we become from human connection, the more potential there is for us to turn to a fantasy world as a replacement to reality. Spending more time on computers and social media takes away from ones ability to use their imagination as a tool to create successful, and satisfying, lives. Lack of community can lead to long-term social isolation that distorts views, and mentality, dramatically affect our lifestyles, health and reduce our lifespan.

We can all actively pursue a community mindset. No matter where you are there are people, and to engage and step out of the zone of comfort to reach and begin to create a community you love to be with is not only going to affect your purpose in life , it will affect how you live your life.

A person can learn not only how to live in ways that nourish themselves and their community, but also how to think in ways that change their lives and their worlds. There are many places and organizations that one can utilize to reach out and start to build friendship, supports and a community that perpetuates a better life.

Start by looking for groups of people that meet regularly. Yes, you may have to change the way you think- to put yourself out there may be a big step. But in the end it will change the way you live.

Think meet up groups- find them on line. Churches are an obvious one. Make sure you find one that jives with you, feels good to you- and that you are not trying to fit yourself into the box. Help groups like, AA or MAD, and Alonon- all good places to meet people with like concerns looking for something different.

Think classes at community centers, health centers, look for places like minded people get together.

Serve at a local Red Cross or food bank somewhere that needs help.

I wholeheartedly believe that serving others is a wonderful way to become part of a meaningful community, It will not only improve both your health and the health of your community It will give you a great reason to live as your life enhances through your community.

You have to develop Different ways to think and mindset changes to make when starting to create your community.

You have to understand the importance of the community you are living in and value it so much that you allow yourself to change as a person just because you are there. You will come to recognize that you can serve yourself by serving others.

Support programs that support things you care about. Homeless shelters, feeding people, Aged citizen homes, Churches or spiritual centers, Animal shelters, Clubs that do things you like to do, Bike Hike, Play pool, Darts, bowling- Art… Think outside of the box but not so hard that you don’t get up and do something.

Work and collaborate with-in your community to build edible landscapes, volunteer-orientated gardens and improve mental and physical health though local gardening and nutrition.

Can you help your community by teaching people a special skill or trade that will allow others to get involved and use their minds and bodies?

Find and support already-established projects with an emphasis on social justice, mental health and local community empowerment.

Do you need to get creative- well for some of this you might, But if you are tired of being lonely and trying to beat the blahs, if you are looking outside of the scope of doctors and medicine- a community surround you is a great way to feel better fast.

Get Involved, just do. I’m making it sound easy- I realize for some its not. But stepping out and stepping up on your behalf is a start you will never regret.

A great side benefit to being actively engaged in your community is that negative subconscious beliefs and subconscious stress will have to change in response to loving yourself and enjoying community.

Blessing and Peace