Is Life Balanced???
Balance is something we hear about a lot,
Life balance, career balance, relationship balance, spiritual balance…
Balancing life altogether…
– How do you do that?
Balance isn’t acquired by adding and taking things away.

Balance is acquired by loving who you are.
Loving what you do.
Being in alignment with what you say.
Being in alignment with who is in your life…

Balance is not a practice, Balance comes by way of clarity.
Sometimes a persons practice will bring them to clarity, and sometimes that practice with frustrate the
balance even further because of time spent with no real results.
-Why is it so hard?

I’m going to cut to the chase- let’s go straight to the point of where we lose balance.

It isn’t the point of pain.. the place you would look first.

It probably started somewhere way deeper- a long time ago.
Something you may not remember or don’t think about don’t think about anymore.
Its trapped in your system, an organ, your muscle, the subconscious and stifling your movement.
If you get to the root, you will solve the issue…

The root is not where you think.
It’s not the person sitting next to you a cubicle over annoying the heck out of you… it’s your reaction- why do you react that way???
It’s not the packed Highway.. or your ability to handle time in traffic…
It’s not your boss, It’s your way of handling the situation…

There is a feeling that comes with all of these things… do you know the feeling I’m talking about??

What is locked up in you that gives you information to be butt-hurt, angry, feel guilty, ashamed, in self-doubt yourself ???

Your subconscious will offer solutions that cause issues, you will be in resistance to balance because of it.

When we solve these things the balance you are wanting occurs naturally.
– Even when life looks like it is falling apart around you-
with the subconscious storage locker clear of stress and your past released you can achieve balance…
Mind Rewire helps you clear the issues from the past that cause imbalance.

Comment on this post- where is life imbalanced?? And what do you do to balance it???