Mind Rewire And YouTube for Conscious Growth and Subconscious Change

Christy Mattoon of Mind Rewire is in the process of releasing new videos on her YouTube platform called Mind Rewire. A must see for anyone interested in conscious growth and subconscious change.

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Mind Rewire makes videos specifically for Her YouTube channel audience. The videos are also for people wanting conscious growth and subconscious change. Mind Rewire’s YouTube channel brings easy to understand information and new ideas to the platform every week.

Mattoon states that, “We are now in a period of time where having a guru to teach someone is great- but many times the guru becomes a stabilizer for the person.” Christy Mattoon believes this is dangerous. She states, “People have to get inside their own spirit. They have to realize their own power. Power to hear, see, know, and not be stuck to the Guru for answers.”

Christy uses the YouTube platform for Mind Rewire because she  believes it is a powerful way to share information.

Mattoon believes it is more powerful for a person to know how to rewire their minds for themselves and have all the tools to do so, instead of having to continually go to someone to handle things for them. You have to learn from experiential evidence by doing work that shows you changes. Evidence that creates true lasting changes.

Because of the response to her YouTube channel Mind Rewire created a focused evidence based Master Class that people love because they work from their inner most sacred space not because some told them they could just be in love with life or themselves and things would magically happen., and they had to have faith or believe it.’  Mattoon goes on to say that, “Mind Rewire teaches people who are searching how to utilize the physical body and energy body to create their transformation.”

Mattoon’s new videos teach people interested in subconscious change about how to get into a heart coherent state and to be able to know the energy of their own spirit. Mattoon maintains that this gives them many supernatural qualities and aids them to quickly resolve or stop negative emotions and pain from the past.

The videos are located at this link, Mind Rewire YouTube channel https://youtube.com/mindrewire