This life transforming session is a focused, dynamic, intentional clearing of subconscious stress that will release your past issues and stored locked up emotions that cause you to create the habits and patterns you find yourself living by.

Have you tried everything?

Have you done numerous protocols, tried different modalities and still can’t seem to get to the end of your issues. Do you tell yourself, “I don’t get it, why does this keep happening?” Do you have a “feeling” you can’t quite put your finger on. Are you tired of the struggle to feel good??? Then Life Sweep is for you!!!

In one session we will stop the chatter in your head, end the restless feelings that can leave you worn out, stop the negative repeated thoughts that don’t benefit your life. And give you words and concepts to live by that will be implanted on a cellular level so that they become your new default and go to. Is this something you want? Instead of your brain digging up old, worn out thoughts, memories, patterns, cyles, pain or issues that give you stress and leave you frustrated, tired, angery, upset and can lead symptoms an illness over time
You will wake up feeling good.
You will have a new feeling in your body
that signals you to love your life…
This new feeling will signal your body to feel better and move better and aid healing, physically, emotionally and spirritually.

Life Sweep ends subconscious stress, and sets up your system with new information and concepts that you can live out your life with.

Do You Want To Say Things like:

I am good…

I love myself…

I can…. I will…. I am….

And mean it?

What do you want in your life???

What do you want your life to look like???

How do you want to feel???

A signal Life sweep session to clear out old beliefs, Subconscious Stress,

Do an overhaul,  and start to reset the system. One time…. A chain reaction…. That can change your life….

Rewire your mind- Renew your mind…

Start a process to reset the cells of your body. Create a life that is yours!!!

Pick the issue you want to clear.

In Life Sweep, we will take on that ONE issue

If you want to add tune-ups…these can only be purchased at this price now- The price includes your Life Sweep Session…

   Life Sweep will get you moving forward, Fast…      Use the extra sessions whenever you need to…

                    What do you want life look like???                          How do you want to feel???

Change is a continuous journey.  You never really get to the change, you just keep changing. When I mentally prepared myself to move forward, i had to have a mental shift in order to stay the course.  Switching to a positive mental attitude changes the outcome of what is being created. So in this new way of being, and setting new intentions, I really had to let go of old negative thoughts that only projected me backwards to old habits.  I wanted out of old habits that weren’t taking me to the life i want.   So i realized that in every now moment I am creating my next now reality.  What you give your emotional attention to (positive or negative) will bring you more of that.   To rewire my thoughts I had to focus on everything I want in my life and then really stick to that way of thinking, which is focusing on what I want.  Not what I don’t want. I practice everyday to catch myself in a thought pattern that isn’t productive and switching it to a productive thought. As soon as I realize I’m heading down a thought trail of any worse case scenario or even a simple trail of anything i don’t want to happen, I switch the entire scenario to what I want to create, what I want to happen, what I want to project.  It really is the secret. Be aware of the thoughts you don’t want, but keep letting them go until it becomes so easy they just fade.  You are bringing your next moments into creation based on your current state of emotions.

Mind Rewire is set up to help you help yourself.  It’s all done in your own mind and belief system you’ve created throughout your life, and Christy is there to walk you through it in the right steps so it really takes hold and you get the full effect. She gently walks you back through old memories that you have tied an emotion to and helps you completely release the emotion. You release the block that you have created, and Christy is there to keep you stay in the space of doing this. Then she walks you back through your life at a cellular level and recreate new thought patterns and new belief systems. The key is how long you keep it up. If you go back to the old habits you’ll lose yourself every time. If you self check what you’re giving your attention to then you will create new patterns.

Sarah Milgrom

If you are on the cusp, not sure… answer these questions, this is what we are working to resolve:

List your top 10 limiting beliefs – these are the top thoughts, beliefs, and memories that you feel are holding you back from reaching your goals. What patterns if any do you see that happen and keep you from reaching them? If you could speak directly to your inner child and tell him/her anything- and implant it on a level so deep you would wake up feeling that way…things that maybe he/she doesn’t know but that would have been helpful in this life’s journey, what would you want him/her to know?

What do you think? Ready to talk? Let’s get you going…


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You’ll be glad you did. You want to do everything possible to have the life you deserve. Cleaning out the storage of your mind is an important piece of taking authority of your life.

This is important!

It is your life!

Let’s get it right!