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The question is asked ‘Are we any closer to understanding what consciousness is or how it really works?” Are we understanding consciousness any more now than 10 years ago? As science is paving the frontier and giving us new information it seems to be just explaining what healers and non scientific intuitive doctors have known and understood and done for centuries.

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Information from researchers from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, look at how specific deficits could help neuroscientists understand how conscious awareness arises in the brain. “What it tells me,” says Christof Koch, a neuroscientist at the Allen Institute who specializes in consciousness, “is that … you can get dissociation between cognition and consciousness.”

Is the disassociation a disconnect from the individuals spirit and understanding who they are as a light being

I wonder often when I read such things and question can it be straighten out easily with quantum principles and energy healing practices. Is the disassociation a disconnect from the individuals spirit and understanding who they are as a light being vs what they were programmed to be for this world. I says ‘yes” it is.

See article here : https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2020/08/10/

The question “Are we any closer to understanding what consciousness is?” or how it really works? When put before the The Genetic Literacy Projects was reflected on in an article this by saying “Thinkers have spent an immense amount of time and ink trying to unravel mysteries, such as how consciousness works and where it resides. The short answer isn’t very satisfying. Scientists and philosophers still can’t agree on a vague idea of what consciousness is, much less a strict definition.”

I believe the more that I work with people and help them with the things that are troubling them the more the quantum healing comes into play and the ability to get a person to understand depends on their level of consciousness. Not meaning they are aware of there external surroundings as such – but more that they are aware of the internal power and the usefulness of he structure of the quantum world we live in.

One reason for the confusion I believe is that the concept is used to mean slightly different things. It can be hard to explain and depending on the persons level of consciousness and hard for them to grasp.

Many experts agree, however, that conscious beings are aware of their surroundings. But that is a very basic level of consciousness. To fully understand one has to raise their level of awareness and consciousness. Science bases what it knows on what it knows and what it can find out, figure out or experiment on and deduce. Consciousness in the levels I am talking about have to come in with levels of faith (not necessarily religious faith) With an ability to allow the unknown to interact. The ability to intuit certain things and to trust the inner self.

The difference in the level of consciousness comes largely due to a person knowing to some degree and relying on the inner part of themselves.

The part I know as the spirit.

This brings and understanding to consciousness.

I ask the question is can consciousness be understood more easily with quantum principles and energy healing practices. I asked, “is the issue of not being able to understand consciousness an issue understanding the concept of what we are talking about? perhaps word choose is poor. Is my conscious a concept about consciousness meaning I am awake; as in not in a coma, I am eyes open, I’m breathing and going through this existence as programmed.

Or are we talking about consciousness meaning – not asleep, I’m awake to my potential and possibility. This is describing an internal part of the person being describe in an asleep state- not meaning physically asleep. But being unconsciously aware that there is more to them then what seems to be steering their boat. Meaning, the information learned from there past that regurgitates from their brain.

It is imperative to know and understand that quantum principles do apply to me and I have internal power because of the electron undulating in and out of the space/time fabric with the attention of my participation.” I believe that the idea of conscious is a level to consciousness and could be what is befuddling science. The reason we don’t think we understand consciousness is because some are looking at it from a different levels than others. They may not be conscious enough to recognize consciousness!

If science could understand the spirit there would be no more discussion. But because it leaves out spirit and human emotion largely in it quantum discovery the question remains.

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