Client Stories- A look at what they felt like Before And what they noticed After

During the course of life, things happen- and without knowing the final outcome we create beliefs to those things. We also, along the road, start to create stories to it, to help us out in similar situations later on in life.

I want to share some client triumphs and some of the pitfalls we have learned from on this journey. I will not be using the names of these clients Just sharing stories.

In the story and what they noticed…what  I noticed and things they have said. Enjoy!

I have included a little demographic information as well-

To show that it doesn’t matter the race, sex, sexual orientation- where you live in the world or anything else we all struggle with the same information.

@mindrewire – Clients reactions are fun!

I have homework for people before a first session. The first question is what are your top 10 limiting beliefs? Most people’s list far exceeds 10- and they start by saying I can’t think of anything…And then made a long list that even surprises them.

Here was a list from a young lady- 29 years old- Asian

  • I don’t have what it takes
  • I don’t know what I m doing
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I probably dont deserve it
  • I don’t trust anyone
  • I’m always broke
  • Life on earth is hard
  • My mother hates me
  • I am not motivated
  • I want everything to be over (im not suicidal, I just want it to be over)

This list is pretty typical.

We did what I call a mama drama balance- And instead of working on her mother issues we let her brain process the information and then gave her a different way to feel.

In the scope of a Mind Rewire balance you are in a state that allows you to change out the information that has turned into our normal response.

The next time we talked the first statement out of her mouth was “You blew my mind!!!” I laughed- I asked her why?

Her response Blew MY mind…  she said  “Nothing is the same,” She said she felt so different- she was reacting to situations differently, and carried herself with a new confidence.

She had a different perception to every one of the 10 beliefs she had listed- EVERY SINGLE ONE>>>

WOW!!! Yes to me that is a home run,

She said she has her Stamina Back- Everything Feels different and she is pursuing a life long Dream of starting her own business.

Watch for more Client story’s