I am proud to announce the release of my first two books — BOTH Amazon #1 Best Sellers in multiple categories!


 Rewire Your Mind

Get unstuck, stop beating yourself up, stop self-sabotage, and stop living in the past… Without drugs, anti-depressants, or years in therapy!

This exciting new book by Christy Mattoon will help you understand your subconscious mind and how easy it is to change the course of your life without therapy or drugs.

This book is not about hypnotherapy. It’s about change.

Christy Mattoon is a master at subconscious change. An integrative whole-body therapist, an Energy Psychology practitioner, certified personal trainer, and certified nutritional adviser, Christy has an amazing grasp of hands-on healing.

Christy has been called a healer on many occasions. She delivers her message in an easy-to-understand, no-nonsense manner for quick results. Christy’s work has changed many lives. Read some of the testimonials from the people she’s worked with.

How to Combat Autoimmune Disease
and WIN!

What I did to lose more than 100 pounds and stop the symptoms of autoimmune disease.

This new book by Christy Mattoon will guide you through the pitfalls and the triumph of healing an autoimmune disease. Christy Mattoon has a real grasp on what it takes to heal weight problems and autoimmune issues based on her own experience.

Christy’s own profound change caused her to seek faster ways to heal. This knowledge combined with her expertise as an Energy Psychology Practitioner and personal trainer helped her magnify the benefits of her own changes. Christy now brings her success to others.

Christy is an integrative whole body therapist, an Energy Psychology practitioner, certified personal trainer, and certified is certified nutritional adviser. Christy’s story is amazing and her work to help others in similar situations is profound. Click here to read testimonials from Christy’s clients.