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As the #1 Bestselling Author of CHANGE Rewire Your Mind and How to Combat Autoimmune Disease and Win, Christy will entertain and educate your convention, corporate event, or private audience with her unique brand of insights, knowledge & Life and Client stories.


Christy has taught classes across the United States and spoken at different events and also at NASDAQ and the Harvard Club.


Most Requested Topics:

Mind Rewire – Subconscious Change Secrets
What Subconscious Stress Will Do to You
The Correlation Between Subconscious Stress and Disease
How to Create a Practice to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Body

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Autoimmune issues can start for many reasons and if you are on a healing journey and getting stopped and stuck, it could be that your subconscious mind is kicking out chemicals and signals that keep sending you back to illness and symptoms.
I had the honor to speak at NASDAQ. I spoke to business leaders and forward thinkers of our time. They all said the same thing – stress is an issue.

Subconscious stress is an issue in life whether you realize it or not. 

No matter who you are, when left to its own devices it will cause an overproduction of cortisol, causing inflammation and belly fat, leading to leaky gut and other symptoms and over time, disease. So my questions are always the same – if a person is doing the diets, on the medication, doing exercise programs, and doing it to the best they can, why aren’t they getting better?

That’s when we take a look at subconscious stress.

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