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Still Frustrated – Trying Everything?

Over the last number of weeks I have had a huge influx of people coming to me- all saying the same kinds of things. That they are struggling, frustrated, facing the same issues and worse that they have all of their life, and they can’t find relief. People tell me they...

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What do your cells know?

What do your cells know? The body sometimes remembers more than the brain- and sometimes they know things differently. your brain stores information and so do your cells... I think the fights and struggles people get into with themselves- some call it self-sabotage,...

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Autoimmune Disease and Subconscious Stress

I had the pleasure of speaking at Nasdaq on April 30th, 2018. I talked about the effects of subconscious stress on a person with autoimmune disease. And how that stress can keep symptoms revved up and the body flooded with inflammation. I told my story and what I...

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Yelling- why its no good…

The damage of a heightened state of emotion plus a loud, angry voice of a person we know as our protection, and helper- can be like devastation. You may not truly feel the full ramification it until you are an adult.

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More than a Feeling

What are you thinking about today and how can you alter the feeling to the thought to resonate higher and manifest that thought into your life easier? Do you know the thoughts you think hold weight- they have a value. A vibrational value created by the chemical value...

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