Exciting News at MindRewire.

Christy Mattoon, CEO of MindRewire has been asked by Gaia to be an ambassador, to aid in spreading awareness of Gaia and to help bring clarity and consciousness to the planet. She now has her own portal and is celebrating this opportunity. See Christy’s portal here: https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy

Christy Mattoon states, “Gaia is the only transformation channel where I can binge watch programming that keeps me coming back for more. I love Gaia because it has given me more information on the topics I am curious about and interested in than any other Channel.”


People all over the planet are wanting change and growth. And its tough if all you have is the main stream information sources. Everyday there is new information about bad things happening and the wide spread fear involved. Very seldom do you get good news or a positive vibe from main stream sources or even social media.

I turn back to GAIA…Gaia involves itself with only positive growth and information to change the planet.

What is GAIA?

Gaia is a video streaming company, with over 600,000 members, in over 185 countries. Think of Gaia like “conscious Netflix”!

Gaia has Over 8,000 streaming videos to choose from. On topics you want and maybe things you’ve never thought about. People everywhere are waking up and becoming more conscious as to their role in their life and their ability to change the direction of their own life. Truth, Conscious growth and evolution are important to Christy Mattoon of MindRewire and to Gaia.

Gaia offers a free trail and new videos every week, from your favorite Authors like Dr. Joe dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Carolyn Myss, David Icke, William Henery and 100’s of others.



Clearly, now is the time like no other. People are seeking truth and awakening, so Mindrewire’s Christy Mattoon believes it’s a really potent time to seize the moment.

Are you seeking truth? Do you wanting to expand you Consciousness? Are you ready to grow and evolve yourself? On GAIA its easy to binge watch programming that keeps you coming back for more!

Gaia is 100% Ad Free, to maintain a fully independent voice, through its member supported structure. This is vital to avoid censorship that is happening a lot on mainstream platforms these days.

GAIA hosts topics that you wont find anywhere else, topics like:

Alternative Healing, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Expanded Consciousness, Ancient Teachings, and Secrets & Coverups. MindRewire’s Christy Mattoon believes it to be the best source for conscious information.

See the link here for a peak at what Gaia has to offer. https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy