“My mission is to provide you with the tools to live your life in wholeness; mind, body, and spirit.

I want you to see growth, change and be efficient at the process.”

—Christy Mattoon

Hi. I’m Christy Mattoon, your subconscious expert.

Your brain is a powerful tool. It can help you become everything you want. Sometimes, though, your subconscious mind gets in your way…

My mission is to teach people how easy it is to change their subconscious mind. You can rewire your mind and structure your thinking to work for you, not against you. I will give you a quick, easy, effective strategy that you can become self-sufficient at using. You become the co-author of your life and create what you want when your subconscious mind isn’t getting you stuck or taking you down old pathways that lead nowhere.

You already have everything you need to heal your mind and your body, It’s part of your physiology.

Your brain is a powerful tool. Subconscious change is NOT hard!

You just need to know how to do it! Click here to start.

In the News

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been in the news. If you’ve seen me locally, let me knowBelow are some of the places I’ve been featured recently.

My Experience

Christy Mattoon is a cutting-edge intuitive, remote energy healer, and Energy Psychologist. She has worked with people from over 13 countries around the world including 25 U.S. states, to aid them in deep subconscious change.

She helps people produce experiential evidence in their life that drives abundance, high level self-worth, and self-esteem and better relationships.

After experiencing severe illness and weight issues in her own life Christy had to find another way to heal her body and mind to get to the life she desired. The diets and exercise got her to a certain point but didn’t produce the end result. She started working with energy, something that came naturally, to aid in her rejuvenation and healing her spirit.

Now, Christy teaches and helps people all over the world, from all walks of life to do the same thing. She is gifted in sight and hearing;and has the ability to know and understand from deep level of God’s Energy.

Christy is open to exploring places others may be uncomfortable; she has been told she has the boldness and tenacity of a fiery warrior.

Christy teaches “The Secret to The Secret.” She gives the keys to how to easily change from the level of subconscious and soul. With online products and classes, personal, private sessions and group coaching, workshops, masterminds, and her hands-on experiential events, as well as through her YouTube channel Mind Rewire, speaking engagements, and in her best-selling books on Amazon.

Change -Rewire your mind



How to combat autoimmune disease and win.



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My Certifications

I have trained in performance and the physiological connection for years. I am always seeking new techniques and updated methods that work, so that I can bring them to you. Helping you achieve all that you want is my passsion. Some of my certifications are listed below.

  • ACEP – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • CEP – Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • NASM – CPT, CES, Specialist in Nutrition
  • Neurokinetic Therapy® Certified Practitioner
  • Associative Awareness Techniques™
  • Splankna Practitioner and Spiritual Coach
  • PSYCH-K Basic, Advanced, Pro – Certified Pactionar
  • Ho opponoPono Practitioner
  • Psychic Cleaner- (Need your House or space cleaned)


Read what some of my clients have to say...

I have struggled with low self-value and the symptoms of a broken heart for as long as I can remember. I am being honest when I say that Mind Rewire is the modality that finally worked to restore a sense of value and belonging. My life is forever changed for the better and I am forever grateful for this modality and for Christy.

I always love coaching with Christy! The processes & tools she shared have helped me to have more confidence & courage in my work & personal life. The Mind Rewire processes that gently washed away the struggle, cleared my mind & opened up the door to a new career that I love!

I must say that the technique has been successful in eliminating negative thoughts as well as sleep disturbances. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it. Overall I have less attachment to impressing others. Clearer thinking. Less dwelling on negativity. More fluid thinking. And an increased ability to let things go.