The fears, stress, and paralysis that hold you back
And overcome them quickly


When you have the right tools for subconscious change

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MIND REWIRE combines deep subconscious healing modalities such as PSYCH-K and Cellular Reprogramming with proven principles of success in a way that has been needed in the personal healing landscape for years.

Take CONTROL of your life and feel REAL CHANGE

in minutes when you have the correct tools for subconscious change.

How you think and how you feel 

creates a state of being.

The more you think the same way,
the more you feel the same way.

You have to change how you feel and how you think to change how you act and who you are to get your new reality.



MindRewire – Tools For Subconscious Change
Open House
204 E 100 N, Midway Utah, 84049
Feb 16, 2019 – 9 am to 4 pm

This is a walk-in open house, come and go.

Group rapid transformation sessions available- no charge

or just come ask questions- Christy take the woo-woo out of energy healing.

Come join us!


MindRewire – Tools For Subconscious Change presents
Sacred Rebels Healing Retreat
San Diego Ca. Site TBA
April  5-7, 2019 – 3 day event

This is a 3-day event lead by- Christy Mattoon, Jill Flemming, and Zarena Zertuchi-

A space to heal, reset and learn.

get more information at the website-


How I Got Here

At the age of 38 my body started shutting down – I didn’t know what was going on or that I could have any control of it. By the time I had topped out at 300 lbs doctors were giving me disease titles and prescribing medications.

The realization hit me that my life was about to flash in front of my eyes. A good friend of ours died and suddenly, Death became real… and Life became precious…

I started putting in the effort to understand what was happening to me. I had gained so much weight and of course, what I was eating played a role. So as I learned about real food and how to eat for vital health. I was learning how to move my body and gain control of my life.

During this process, there was a lot of ups and downs. One of the things that showed up the hardest was the emotional aspect of my life that I didn’t really pay attention to. I was sad, I was scared, I was mad, I was confused, I was hurt, I was alone. Life was hard. That’s what I always felt like.

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Read what some of my clients have to say…

…change in not only my physical health

I have felt a vast change in not only my physical health, but my mental health. I battle with Complex-PTSD, and a major symptom of this mental disorder is dissociation. Christy worked with me by disconnecting the reasons behind my dissociation. Since seeing her, I haven’t had one dissociation episode and have been handling my emotions in a much calmer way.

… To a higher level

Christy and Mind Rewire are a great, a huge, a welcomed, addition to my journey! I am. I AM. To release. To replace. To give myself permission. To be grounded. To notice. To keep my eyes, my mind, on the things I want most. Truth. Peace. Expansiveness. Independence. Freedom. To give. Purely. To be free. I AM. I am a messenger. This is me. Ronie. Thank you Christy!

…People around me notice I am different!

After one session with her, I already noticed changes in my behavior. I didn’t do anything to prove that or to check on that, other people start commenting on my presence and my company. That means this is working! People around me notice I am different!



Repeated unproductive thoughts?

Fights in your head that do not resolve your issues?

Chronic frustration, confusion, and anger?


Out of control emotions with no end in sight?

Thoughts that are painful and do not solve problems?

Self-hatred, anger, self-abuse, not even sure what love is?


Physical symptoms that your doctors can’t figure out?

Diagnosis after diagnosis?

Pains, frustrations, and irritations that your doctor says are, “just in your head”?

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