STOP The fears, stress, and paralysis that hold you back And overcome them quickly WITHOUT YEARS OF THERAPY OR DRUGS

when you have the right tools for subconscious change

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MindRewire combines intuitive insights, proven methods and communication with the divine and the ability to read and adjust energy information in the physical system.

“The result is quick, deep healing and understanding to aid growth, intuition and a whole life in all ways.”

MindRewire teaches you how to rewire yourself, REPROGRAM YOUR MIND  by learning how to be HEART COHERENT. Heart coherence establishes a relationship and connection to the divine and your own spirit. When trained into the subconscious life has no choice… it has to change! Establishing coherence through your system causes rapid expansion, change and growth. Heart coherence and brain coherence become you natural way of life and not something you have to sit down and do.


Go through the portal to GAIA:  https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy

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Gaia, a digital streaming service focused on content related to spiritual growth and alternative healing, has announced Christy Mattoon of MindRewire as their newest ambassador. Gaia is a subscription-based content streaming service that offers original programs, award-winning films and documentaries focused primarily on conscious growth and alternative healing.More information can be found by visiting: https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy As an ambassador for Gaia, Christy Mattoon hopes to spread awareness of Gaia’s message and bring clarity and consciousness to the planet. She is a firm believer in Gaia’s vision and is honoured to officially become an ambassador to their cause.As Christy puts it, “Gaia is the only transformation channel where I can binge watch programming that keeps me coming back for more. “I love Gaia because it has given me more information on the topics I am curious about and interested in than any other place.”Christy Mattoon is the CEO of MindRewire, a company that uses energy psychology and alternative healing practices to help people change their subconscious mind and live a healthier, happier, more productive life. Through her work as an energy healer and teacher, Mattoon has helped people improve their level of self-worth and self-esteem, which can ultimately lead them towards better relationships and a more abundant life.Christy Mattoon has been studying in her field for many years and has garnered many applicable certifications including ACEP – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, CEP – Comprehensive Energy Psychology, NASM – CPT, CES Specialist in Nutrition, Neurokinetic Therapy, Associative Awareness Techniques, Splanka Practitioner and Spiritual Coach, PSYCH-K, Ho opponoPono, and Psychic Cleaner. Her work has been featured by numerous media organizations including Nasdaq, Fox, KCTV, Los Angeles Business Journal, Wall Street Business Network, ABC, Medical Tourism Association, Rock 96.9 and many more. As an ambassador for Gaia, Christy is an active proponent of the service and has a web page dedicated to her favorite programs. Interested parties can find more information, connect with Christy Mattoon and join Gaia at by visiting: https://www.gaia.com/portal/christy

Read what some of my clients have to say…

…change in not only my physical health

I have felt a vast change in not only my physical health, but my mental health. I battle with Complex-PTSD, and a major symptom of this mental disorder is dissociation. Christy worked with me by disconnecting the reasons behind my dissociation. Since seeing her, I haven’t had one dissociation episode and have been handling my emotions in a much calmer way.

… To a higher level

Christy and Mind Rewire are a great, a huge, a welcomed, addition to my journey! I am. I AM. To release. To replace. To give myself permission. To be grounded. To notice. To keep my eyes, my mind, on the things I want most. Truth. Peace. Expansiveness. Independence. Freedom. To give. Purely. To be free. I AM. I am a messenger. This is me. Ronie. Thank you Christy!

…People around me notice I am different!

After one session with her, I already noticed changes in my behavior. I didn’t do anything to prove that or to check on that, other people started commenting on my presence and my company. That means this is working! People around me notice I am different!